Thanks for stopping by. I’m Ginny Robertson, the woman behind the On Purpose Woman Global Community and the On Purpose Woman Magazine. 

My inspiration for my business as well as the rest of my life is to “Connect Women Around the World to Their Gifts, Their Purpose & Each Other.”

I support women, wherever you are in life, with opportunities for deep connection, more visibility, and in becoming more comfortable with playing a bigger role on the planet…whatever that means for you. 

Everything I do is about shining a light and supporting you in using your voice to be seen and heard in a greater way, so you can share your gifts and make your unique difference.

I founded the On Purpose Woman Global Community in 2000. Until 2020, we primarily held in-person gatherings in Maryland and Virginia. Because of Covid, I took everything online and this has created a truly global community of women who show up from around the world. During this time of Covid, all women are invited to our free online gatherings. There are also membership opportunities and you can find the levels and benefits here.

I’ve built an amazing community of authentic women willing to reach, learn and share their purpose. While many of the women who attend my events are entrepreneurs looking to network, build their business and share their gifts, my meetings are open to all women. Are you in a career you love but crave community? Are you retired? A stay-at-home mom? Or maybe you’ve lost your job and are wondering what’s next? There is a seat at our table for all of you.

Here’s what other women are saying:

One of the things I love about the On Purpose Woman Global Community is feeling at home, like I've found my people. Being a part of the variety of women from all walks of life, all ages, all demographics and stages of life is inspiring and enriching. The connection and safe space here is real and I'm so grateful to have found it!
One of the reasons I love the On Purpose Woman Global Community meetings is the heart-centered way we approach our businesses and our lives. Connecting with other women here is easy. I always feel welcome, appreciated, respected and accepted.

I am also the Founder and Publisher of On Purpose Woman Magazine. Created in 2003 as a Maryland-based print publication, in 2019 we went fully digital. It is a perfect place for women to find information and resources for their Mind, their Body, their Spirit & their Business. There are also opportunities for being seen through advertising, submitting articles and being our cover artist. Click to read current and back issues and get the details for advertising, as well as guidelines for submissions.

In 2020 Kathryn Yarborough, the Creative Director for On Purpose Woman Magazine, and I started the Real Women. Real Purpose. Talk Show. It provides yet another opportunity for women’s voices to be seen and heard on important topics. I invite you to check out our YouTube Channel

In additional to all of this I am an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator and the contributor to 3 anthologies. I spent four years as the co- host of the WomanTalk Live radio show on WCBM in Baltimore, and in 2012 was named one of Maryland’s Top 100 Women by The Daily Record, Maryland’s premier business, law and government newspaper.

Check out the events calendar to see when my next special event is happening.

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Popular topics include:

If you’re curious about how I got here, click to check out the backstory!

Ginny Robertson – The Back Story

I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life. As a little girl, I was known to turn my bedroom into a department store selling fashion items and décor, neatly organized and displayed to sell to my imaginary customers. When my Mom couldn’t find something she would check my “store” first to see if I had borrowed it. As a child I also had ideas for clubs and other ways to bring my friends together. 

While my entrepreneurial spirit was first discovered back home in West Virginia, in a small coal mining town where I attended a one-room school from first grade through sixth (so small in fact, I was the only child in my third, fourth fifth and sixth grade class!). It was then nurtured in college, where I aspired to write the next great American novel and live an exciting single life in a loft in New York City, and sustained me throughout my 20-year career in corporate finance.

Yes…you read that right. I worked in finance for twenty years. I traded dreams of NYC and self-employment for a high rise in Baltimore.

Like many of you, I too worked in “Corporate America” until I had an honest conversation with myself when I turned forty. There I was, enjoying my “big 4-0 surrounded by friends and family when I realized that I had it all:

The more than comfortable salary and benefits

The corner office/VP Title

The spacious, fancy apartment where I was raising my son.

The sports car and all of the clothes, shoes and jewelry I could wear (and many that I never wore).

In fact, I had achieved what looked like success from the outside.  But the problem was, I didn’t feel successful and I no longer wanted these things. I realized I wasn’t fulfilling my own passion – which is to help women around the world discover theirs. And that’s when I knew it was time to make a change.

I quit my successful career that had never really been “me.” I then worked as a facilitator for a personal development company where I had received great value as a client. Let me add, that along with this dream job came a pay cut of 60%. I had done the math and knew that I could still pay the rent and feed my child. However, I had to make some welcomed lifestyle changes. This opportunity was a stepping stone to my going off on my own five years later which led me to my current life and work.

What’s Your Story?

So, that’s my story. I’d love to hear yours!

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