Want to Write for On Purpose Woman Magazine?

If you think you have an article, article series, poem, or short story that fits with the theme of On Purpose Woman Magazine being a Force for Good and a resource to help women live richer, fuller lives, let us know!

Reasons to Write for Us

When you write for On Purpose Woman Magazine, you inspire other women, share your wisdom, and make a difference on the planet.

We do not pay for articles.

However, we do include a short bio with any contact information you want published, as well as your photo. It’s a great way to let others know about you and your work.

Propose Your Idea

Before submitting your article, email Ginny Robertson with your idea(s). Once you are given the go-ahead by Ginny, you may submit one article or a series. If you do a series of 3-6 articles, they can stand alone or be sequential. 

Click here to email your proposal to Ginny Robertson

Once Your Proposal is Accepted

Articles should be no more than 1000 words, with an additional 20 or less word bio plus contact info.

Send completed article to ginnypresleyrobertson@gmail.com no later than the 8th of each month for publication on the 1st of the following month. Please also send a headshot in jpg format. And, if there is a graphic that illustrates your article, send that as well.

Let Your Fans, Friends, and Followers Know!

When your article is published, On Purpose Woman Magazine asks that you send the magazine link to your email list, share it on all social media platforms you use, and put the link on your website. We will, of course, share the magazine with everyone we know. If you, and all the other writers, also share it, we ALL grow our reach.

Thanks for doing your part to inspire women to live richer, fuller lives!

Want to be Featured on Our Cover?

On Purpose Woman Magazine covers are a work of art, literally.

Our covers are gifted to us by artists from all over the world. We, in turn, showcase them in the magazine and give our readers an opportunity to know who they are and why they create what they create.

Does your art belong on the cover of our magazine? Be sure to check out our past covers to see if your creations are a good fit. We are looking for some depiction of the feminine.

Your next step is to contact Ginny Robertson with a link to your portfolio.

If your art is chosen – Ginny will be in touch and arrange to get additional info and pictures for a story in the magazine.

Submission Deadlines:

December 15th for Jan/Feb issue

February 15th for Mar/Apr issue

April 15th for May/Jun issue

June 15th for Jul/Aug issue

August 15th for Sep/Oct issue

October 15th for Nov/Dec issue